Top 5 Unique Nonprofit Organizations

  Non-profit organizations do more than charities can since they offer people the opportunity to get involved in a cause. Through these non-profit organizations, people are able to learn a lot more about a cause and interact with others making the whole giving back experience exciting. The following are top 5 unique nonprofit organizations that […]

Top 5 Architecture Trends Of 2016

Just like design, architecture also experiences changes. Though trends in the architectural arena do not emerge as often as they do in the fashion industry or any other field, the environment, the economy, and demographics cause a shift in the choices of design, materials, construction techniques, and layouts. Most architects are working towards developing architectural […]

Top 6 Upcoming Android Features To Look Out For

Every release of Android comes with significant fixes and improvements. Many of the improvements are aimed at making your phone more protected from hackers as well as add not only new but useful features. Some of the features are easy to spot while other could be more technical. Therefore, following Android Alpha and Beta, Google […]