How can we create more local, resilient, and self-reliant community in this  time of radical change?

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Radical Relocalization is about the possibility of building resilient community and stronger local economies now, where you are. It's also about finding a part in this change that really works for you.

Relocalization builds local strength in the face of economic downturns, challenges from peak oil and climate change, profound ecological stress, loss of citizen control, resource depletion in an interconnected world - little things like that! You know the ones!

It's practical things to do to, It's helping uncover local community and practical things to do. It's also tapping into a relocalizing mindset that sees past
the problems to the emerging possibilities and gifts.
It's not the old way any more and it hasn't been for a while!

Relocalization means finding a way to engage what's happening in our own lives and communities rather than wishing for how it used to be. This engagement is maybe easiest to understand as a game, a "play," in which playing for everyone's benefit is the powerful move, but working for ourselves alone lands us stuck in the mud and in trouble, more of the trouble the society's already up to its neck in!

Relocalization is an exciting game to play now. Like the truth it might even help set you free. But first it'll very likely severely piss you off. Because big change is coming and we all have denial about the scale of change that will be required of us personally and of our world.

My name is Andrew MacDonald and I'm involved with relocalizing efforts where I live (a sparsely populated area an hour north of Kingston, Ontario, Canada). I'm also connected to a Transition Town initiative in Canada's capital, Ottawa an hour and a half east of where I live.  I'm a player of the relocalization game, not an expert or the guy with all the answers. There are no experts since the global challenge we face now is simply unprecedented (and we're all equally participants in it).

Relocalization can only be done your way, with your stamp and energy, responding to how conditions are where you live. I won't tell you how to do it. You're welcome to use any of the ideas or material on this site in whatever way serves you. Please give attribution if you reprint items.

This site and the radical part!
This site's purpose is to support relocalizers and transitioners, both those who are brand new and those who've been wondering about, or working on, all this for a while - or a lifetime. There are two interconnected areas of exploration: the outer work (in the world) and the inner work on ourselves. Each informs the other. Allowing for both the outer and the inner - that's the radical part!

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