Andrew MacDonald

Andrew  Carter MacDonald

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I wear many hats, as each of us does. Some of mine are below.


A long-term love affair with words, as writer, reader, and editor. Former editor of Common Ground mag (Toronto), and Everyman Men's Journal.

Campfire Strummer

Love to play music and sing with others.

Social Entrepreneur

Social Entrepreneur is a $10 word for activist. It's a joy to work for the changes I want to see in the world. In a nutshell, I see a very challenging time ahead and "getting into it" as an opportunity for us to grow personally, have a great time, and help with the inevitable changes.

Here's an article that explores activism vs just thinking about it.

Group Facilitator

I've been involved with small groups for personal development for twenty years. I'm actively involved in a community working to host conversations that matter in Ottawa. Where I live west of Ottawa, Canada, I'm part of a "Listening Circle", in which we hear the inside and out of what people are working on to bring their lives more into alignment with what they most want.


I'm a certified personal coach (4Gateways Coaching), a Focusing trainer (, NLP Practitioner and more. I'm a solid catalyst for change, not to mention fun to work with! Let me help you make the transition you want!

Coaching and being coached is something we all do for each other. A sliding scale accommodates to your income level.

Contact me by phone, 613.601.6898 or andrewcartermacdonald at gmail dot com.

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