Hillary Clinton Email Controversy

This ordeal has never stopped haunting Hillary Clinton’s pursuit for presidency of the United States of America. Her counterpart, Donald Trump keeps bringing up the issue to taint her image to the supporters all over America over the reckless act. He hopes that this will be a channel to gain trust from the people and even lead the people of America. He who laughs last laughs best; recently, several scandals of him in the past have come up against him. They are all tasked to do everything rightfully to clear off their shady pasts and gain confidence from the citizens who will then choose one of them who are competent enough.

In March 2015, Hillary Clinton took a dangerous step which put her career at stake. She solely took to using her family’s email server to carry out government duties declared secretive and fragile. This was in contradiction to the policy put in place by the State Department restricting such an act. She went on to justify her deed by claiming that what she did was right and lawful. Furthermore, the former employees tread in the same path although theirs were email accounts and not servers.


Following the concerns that rose over the issue, Federal Bureau of Investigation carried out an inquiry to confirm the allegations. They later retrieved emails which were to be read only by the authorised. Infact, 65 were secret and 22 were top secret. Unfortunately, the cat had been let out of the bag already and a remedy had to be sought soon as they had leaked already. Following a report compiled by James Comey, the director of the FBI, it was concluded that it was out of carelessness that Hillary Clinton resorted to doing so. Moreover, she couldn’t decipher what some of the email terms meant and paid no regard to some of them which could cost the State Department of everything they have worked for all these years. Finally, she was let free since there was no much evidence to tie her to the case hence no charges were brought against her as reported by the Attorney General on 6 July, 2016.

It never died down either way since the case was revisited on 7 July, just a day after. On 2 September 2016, a report was made concerning the matter. What aggravated it even more is the use of her much-talked-of Blackberry phone which was not even approved for use of state affairs. During the probe, the emails were even put everywhere for all to see. That is when it finally became clear that Hillary Clinton is not just a leader but a normal person who can make jokes and socialize just like everybody. She even has weaknesses.


What made her triumph are the claims brought forward. It was said that the government seems to term lots of its information as discrete which if leaked out would not pose great harm to the state. Besides, the officials never agree on which information to put in the classified list and those not to put. There is no consensus reached which leads to disagreement. Some of the emails found in Clinton’s family server were not as life threatening as some presumed to be.

In Conclusion

The unfortunate event has completely pushed her back in everything she sets to doing. Whatever she aspires, the mistake keeps cropping up like in the recently concluded presidential debate.