Professional Portraits of Children: Tips for Success

Kids grow so fast, and there is no better way to capture and preserve those golden childhood memories than by taking their photographs. Actually, family photography is a powerful tool for raising children who are confident in their worth and abilities. Psychologists and experts agree that photo portraits help children see themselves as valued, treasured and important.


Elena Shumilova, the Russian mother whose fascinating portraits of her toddlers playing with pets and animals in their farm received more than 60 million views globally, says that she photographs her children every day. This helps them to be unfazed by the camera’s presence. Here are more tips that will help you capture better and more professional photo portraits for your children.

Take more photos in the morning

An early morning time frame has two benefits: the photos tend to have a beautiful depth at this time, and children tend to be more cooperative too! The noon sun doesn’t make for good photography, and the photographer will have to take the pictures in “open shade.” This works alright but it is more constricting. In the mornings, kids are not only calmer; they have fresh faces and are in upbeat moods.

Avoid clashing outfits

Coordinating outfits is not an easy task. Don’t feel pressured to dress your kids in similar outfits. There is nothing wrong with that, but look for clothes that have a similar color scheme across multiple styles. This way, you kids will complement each other without overdoing it. Even in photography, variety adds some spice!

Allow your kids to choose their favorite styles. The good thing about collections is that you can pick the ones which suit your family in the best way possible. Then allow your children to select the outfits that match their style. You will be surprised that what you think they love is not what they actually decide on! Involving the children in this way helps them to feel important, proud, happy and valued.

“Bribe” them to behave

Sometimes it can be difficult to convince your kids to take portraits. Children are easily distracted and keeping them focused for a one-hour photo session may not always be easy. You can be sure that the last thing kids want in a beautiful summer morning is to sit or stand around for an hour getting their photos taken. You know what your kids love, so promise that you will give it to them after the shoot. You will not receive a single complaint during the entire morning or photo session.

Alternatively, take their photographs as they go about their daily activities. Such portraits, when captured well, can be truly memorable and beautiful. You will need a little practice on getting your angles and lighting right for random situations.

As mentioned above, get your children accustomed to the camera by taking their portraits all the time. This will help you to capture the mood perfectly for truly memorable and beautiful portraits.
Family photography helps kids understand their identity and where they fit. They get to appreciate the uniqueness of their own family. So go ahead and take as many photo portraits of your children as you can, and daily if possible.

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