Interviews with relocalizers from everywhere!
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No one voice has it all! Each of us has a little piece of the emerging relocalized future - including those of you just arriving today .

Relocalization Radio has room for the full spectrum of voices preparing for a self-reliant future close to home!

Though there are many different voices, interviewees share the understanding that our future will be more local, less fossil fuel dependent, and more up to us! These are stories for and about relocalizing people: members of Transition Town initiatives, activists, fouryearsgo people, suburbanites and country dwellers, off-grid survivalists, owners of McMansions in former fields, 
ordinary folks from many countries and landscapes . . .

If you are, or know of someone I should interview, let me know.

Interviews are conducted by Andrew MacDonald, unless otherwise stated.

Click a name to go to a dedicated page, where you'll see a quick summary, photo, and the audio link. You can download the audio to your home computer or stream it. Enjoy!


Jim Farley
The Bitterroot Survival Outfitters Systems Coop  are creating and living the new paradigm in the Bitterroot Mountains of southern Montana. They are cooking! Jim puts a human face on the mountain survivalist as he reveals how and what "The Bitterroot Gang" are doing and how you can connect and learn from them.

Cam Mather
Off-grid expert, sustainability publisher, and author of Thriving During Challenging Times, Cam Mather shares some of how he and his family got started with greater self-sufficiency and plants a seed of how you might too.

Transition Town Conversations
The Transition Town movement is a worldwide thrust, originating in Britain, to equip communities to move toward energy descent" as a way of coping with the challenges of peak oil, climate change and economic downturns. I'll be speaking to people from inside and outside the movement about how and what it's doing. I (Andrew) am a member of Transition Ottawa where I used to live and still regularly work and visit.

Keith Johnson
Keith Johnson is a permaculture activist, Transition and Relocalization activist, designer / teacher / consultant, and a prime mover behind the blooming Transition Town initiative in Bloomington, Indiana.


David Shackleton
Independent thinker and relocalizer David Shackleton says that the Transition Town movement can do an even greater service by offering a road map through the psychological and emotional terrain that will accompany serious down turn. He speculates that the danger, if TT doesn't do this, is that folks will be disillusioned and not see the movement as offering the needed leadership.

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