Top 5 Unique Nonprofit Organizations



Non-profit organizations do more than charities can since they offer people the opportunity to get involved in a cause. Through these non-profit organizations, people are able to learn a lot more about a cause and interact with others making the whole giving back experience exciting. The following are top 5 unique nonprofit organizations that will help you get involved beyond just donating money.

Do something Do something is an organization that allows people to connect to several campaigns and offer a helping hand. It is similar to Google for good Samaritans and includes get out the vote initiatives and those for providing clothing. It allows volunteers especially the youth to select their interests and determine the amount of time they are able to give towards any given cause. They then come up with suggestions of projects that require help. Their goal is to focus the power of the youths who wish to volunteer into projects that need their help.

Give back Yoga Foundation. This is a non-profit organization that focuses on making yoga available to those people who can benefit from yoga but lack resources. It has several yoga programs including one for prison inmates. This is aimed at providing them with non-violent ways of problem resolution and how to cope with intense stress of their jobs. Apart from teaching people how to do yoga, it is also willing to train the participants to become certified yoga teachers.

Heifer International was inspired by the ’’teach a man to fish’’ philosophy. It aims at ending world hunger and bringing communities together through providing them with a sustainable source of food and income. As a donor, you can contribute funds which are then used to give the families livestock that will provide them with food and agricultural products. The organization also has a custom of ensuring that the families that are provided with these livestock pass on their animals first female offspring to another needy family. Also, they have to share the training that they receive.

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Global poverty project to end extreme poverty, this organization arranges an annual Global Citizen Festival. This is part of its Global Citizen Campaign aimed at raising awareness about the various challenges facing extremely poor people all over the world. To show how the event is very special, the organization never even let the names of big celebrities performing overshadow the main aim of the event. People attending the festival have to enter for them to win free tickets through educating themselves through online videos on global poverty. The main goal of this campaign is ending extreme poverty all over the world by 2030.

KivaIf you are looking for a non-profit organization that can help you empower entrepreneurs and struggling students then Kiva is there to help you. It is an organization that gives microloans to those people who have no access to the traditional banking systems and provide them with these loans through their local organizations. Most of those who need these loans are people looking for money to either go to school or grow their businesses. When a loan is repaid, you can choose either to withdraw the money, lend it again or donate it to Kiva.