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Q. Why a transition support group?

A. Small groups are the unit of transformation. (Peter Block)

A small group is fun and makes things happen faster; it mimics the way humans learn, live and grow and so is more effective than doing these things all on your own. A good group is a place where you can show up and be just who you are, with your thoughts, feelings, clear intentions and not-clear-yet intentions - all just as they come up. They're each part of the mix that creates our individual and community futures.

Small groups have another important purpose as well. They create the climate in which new thoughts and possibilities can be seen. Some of these possibilities may turn into action and one may make the difference that transforms our communities or our lives. The pressing challenge we face collectively needs this group aspect in my opinion. The problem we have is partly a relationship problem, one that groups illuminate just by being there.

I've been part of a number of groups. One is a relaxed and friendly "men's group" that's been chugging along for almost 20 years, meeting every two weeks with some summers off. It's a place where you can show up and be who you are, hear the stories of others who are doing that too, where you don't have to perform. I learned a lot about my gifts there, and the gifts of others as well. I heard the stories of men and their lives. I learned more about human nature than I would have had I known more people less well. I was also connected to gatherings of women and men in which we came together to hold space for a dialogue around gender.

So a group is for you to get seen and listened to on a regular basis, as you make the changes - be they very small or very large - that you're wanting to be part of. The group helps you to be accountable for those changes.

Small groups help you tune into the bigger picture. I imagine that people working in small groups can learn from each other about what's working as well. The long range possibility is for groups to be in touch with each other as they grow to reach more people. I'm open to this . . . if it "wants" to happen.

Next steps.

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Click here for a suggested format and some starting suggestions.

Feel free to contact me personally to talk over how starting this might work for you.
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